About the studio

Astrastúdó, the place where demanding photographs are taken...... cropped-Laura0331.jpg

Welcome to the website of the Astrastúdó.. I hope you like my pictures and you will visit my well-equipped photography duo as soon as possible. I'm at your disposal. I am generally available seven days a week by appointment. I try to make exciting and beautiful pictures with clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Based on a telephone conversation, you can start your photo shoot, of course we can recommend a makeup artist and a hairdresser, or you can arrive ready for a photo shoot. My fellow photographer and I can do bigger works and we are happy to go to the location of your choice. The studio also has mobile equipment as portable light sources that can be operated from batteries.

I hope you're in the mood for a photo shoot and you'll find me soon. Sincerely, Zoltán Mészáros